A NEW song to free the nation

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Free The Nation is a celebration of brave musicians and music fans coming together to support freedom, choice and love.

Free The Nation is about a world without discrimination or segregation—a beautiful world.

Buy this single to help grow a global movement against segregated live music based on medical history. Music is, and should always be, for everyone regardless of race, medical status or any other classification that seeks to reduce our infinitley unique humanity.

John Lennon was almost right when he said 'love is all you need'; love is magnificent but above all else we need something which allows us to love and to share love: freedom.

SPECIAL EDITION bonus pack includes...

NEW single, Free The Nation (digitial download wav file)

Artwork for new single, Free The Nation

Lyric video (sing along and share with your friends on your own socials)

Lyric sheet pdf

Free The Nation love heart graphic



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